This has to be one of the greatest addictions you could ever fall victim to.

Check out the site, create a free account, and instantly have a world of websites categorized by your personalized interests.

stumble4 stumble stumble2

Anything you enjoy doing, you can find on stumble.

Need ideas for creative DIY projects? Stumble through the “Crafts” category.

Want to see custom restored classic cars? Stumble “Classic Restoration”.

Love Photography? Stumble it.

Want to see some of the most mind blowing photos of Nature at its wildest? You have got to try the “Nature” Category.

Preset categories range from Science, Logic, and Bizarre Oddities, all the way to Humor and Gadgets. Alternatively you can stumble specific interests via the search bar such as Gardening, Repurposed Pallets, or names of famous individuals.

Stumble is an excellent site that allows you access to information and webpages that you would never be able to find on a standard search engine if you didn’t already know what you were looking for. What makes it so special is how it randomly selects a little-seen site, based on what you are interested in. It stimulates your mind by branching new ideas from what you like. I cannot count the number of times I have stumbled a specific interest such as Crafts and found simple, but amazing, DIY ideas that I would have never dreamed of doing if not for seeing it there.  You would be hard pressed to come upon these amazing websites any other way.


Another exciting way to stumble is the “Recommended” category. It suggests random sites based on ALL of your interests instead of just one. So each time you click Stumble, you go from one category to another. You could jump from UFO’s to Brain Training, to Celebrity Gossip if those were chosen as interests on your profile.

Here are a few example links I came across just now when I stumbled “Recommended”

33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World. (pics)


Hilariously Distressing Letters From Kids. (pics)


Man Shoots Himself In Face With Harpoon And SURVIVES.


15 DIY Crafts You Need To Do Right Now. (Pics)


These are just a few examples. Nothing I could say will really express the awesomeness of this website.



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