First personal entry.


Recently, in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombings, I was seeing a lot of Anti-Muslim shares on my facebook feed. A few clicks and a few “unfriends” later I just felt like deleting the people sharing those posts was not enough. Of course, Initiate Rant Phase. It wasn’t until my mother messaged me suggesting my posts were becoming a little too “loud” (referring to my use of the words “idiots” and “uneducated”), that it dawned on me.


So to wordpress I surfed and recovered my first and only blog. Just one post. I had obviously just been lied to. Something of a trust issue was the recurring theme. I decided to trash that one and just start completely anew. So here I am. At midnight, adding my first personal blog, about blogging. The world is as it should be.

Sometimes I just feel like going off. This will be my open door, when I am trapped by emotions. This will be my medicine when life brings me down. An airport for my thoughts. Sending them out to unknown destinations just for the thrill of the release. I don’t care who it reaches, I just hope it reaches someone. This will just be ME. I will no doubt blog when I’m upset or angry, why else have one? Am I right? But I love so many things. Things that beautify your life, make you content in your life. I love DIY anything and there will be a lot of that…Not only in the craft section under Brain Food, but all throughout the gardening sections.

Pretty much if I think its interesting to me, I’m going to blog about it. I can think of so many things right off the top of my head and don’t know how I will ever get to all of them. But here’s to the beginning, of hopefully a long, fulfilling journal of my life. My Path.


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