What Lit The Fire


Gardening was not my forte. Actually, how this years plants turn out will determine whether or not gardening has ever become my forte. I do love to do it though. The labor that you go through for preparation alone can be intense, even for a mini farmer. Recently I have been getting really into self sufficiency and gardening/raising at least 50 percent of your family’s food at home. In years passed I planted mostly container hybrid seedlings of easy-to-grow vegetable varieties. Green onions, Green Peppers, and Tomato plants are impossible to go wrong with in East Ky. I have always wanted to live somewhere that I would feel comfortable enough to undertake expanding a garden into a thriving mini farm. 10 -12 vegetables, fruit trees, succulents, flowers and shrubs. This past December we moved into my fianc├ęs old house. He grew up here. Now his sons will grow up here. When I realized that I could not imagine living anywhere else while my children are growing, I knew it was time. Garden Time.
As of today, I am still without chickens, but the day is coming my friend.